145 Clarkbsburg Road
Clarksburg , TN   38324

731.986.3165 731.986.4562 Email 
Contact person if you need help or information concerning:
Athletics Coach Michael Limbaugh – 731.535.6097
Buses Mr. Leonard Britt – 731.986.3093
Career Planning or College Ms. Deborah Barger – 731.535.6101
Check in/Check out of School Ms. Terri Hampton – 731.535.6085
Class/Individual Pictures Ms. Tonya Malone
Illness at School Ms. Patsy Smith – 731.535.6102
Library Ms. Gena Maddox
Lockers Ms. Lori Leasure – 731.535.6107
Lost and Found Ms. Terri Hampton (School Office) – 731.535.6085
Lunch  Program Ms. Tracy Allen – 731.535.6099
Parking Ms. Angela Bartholomew
School Attendance Ms. Angela Bartholomew or Ms. Terri Hampton
Special Education and Speech Ms. Angela Bartholomew, Ms. Teresa McDaniel, Ms. Vicki Lucas,
Ms. Christie Maloney
Title 1 Ms. Teresa McDaniel – 731.535.6090
Career/Technical Education Ms. Teresa McDaniel, Ms. Angela Bartholomew, Ms. Deborah Barger
Yearbook Ms. Tonya Malone